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The New BLS is the Old ALS

I am fascinated by the ongoing trend that moves ALS treatments to lay people … AED, epi-pen, Narcan, etc.

There is a continuum that has ICU/Surgery suite on one end and untrained layperson on the other end.

  • ICU/Surgery
  • Flight/Ground Doc (not much in US)
  • Flight/Ground RN
  • Flight/Ground Critical Care Paramedic
  • Paramedic
  • AEMT
  • EMT
  • MFR
  • First Aid
  • Lay Person

Defibrillation was once the domain of only ICU/Surgery. Over last 40 years it has moved from surgery suite to lay person. I think that is amazing…if not miraculous. Other treatments are or have done the same.

Is this trend good for EMS? Or is it a threat to EMS?

By Greg

Elearning designer, writer, podcaster, blogger, presenter and paramedic. To relax I run and bike as far and as fast as I can. Also like to read a lot and fast.