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The Gift of Three: Secret Holiday Giving Strategy

This is a guest post by Jennifer Melnick Carota. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

Like many Everyday EMS Tips readers gift giving and buying is on my mind this morning. I will be reviewing lists, searching Amazon, and visiting lots of stores while working to stay within my holiday gift giving budget.

Today I am pleased to feature a special guest post from Jennifer Melnick Carota, the Gift Therapist. In this post she shares her secret gift giving strategy – the Gift of Three. Jennifer writes:

I bet you’d like to make a splash on your next gift giving occasion but don’t want to spend a fortune? Try my super secret gift giving technique called “The Gift of Three” and make your gift giving experience more personal, affordable, and memorable.  Better yet, the Gift of Three strategy is fun and easy…anyone on any budget can do it!

1. Think of an experience that you would like to give rather than a specific gift.  For example, if you would like to give the experience of relaxation to a special lady on your list, you can begin you build a theme around a home spa or pampering experience.

2. Choose one central gift that will be the foundation or centerpiece of the gift experience.  Remember, you are building a gift with three crucial components.  This gift should be the main focus.

3. Choose two smaller gifts that will tie the theme together.  To save major moolah, consider making gift items by hand, baking gifts from your kitchen, or pull from your emergency gift stash.  Re-gifting is OK, but make sure the item is in excellent condition or has a clear sentimental value.  Just make sure they fit in with your theme, and you’ll be amazed at the results!

For Example:  The Gift of Family Time

Gift One: A family friendly DVD the entire family can watch together

Gift Two: A board game or jigsaw puzzle the family can build together

Gift Three: A disposable camera to take pictures throughout the evening and capture precious memories at the same time!

For more great gift ideas please visit my blog at for creative gifts and gift giving themes using “the Gift of Three (3)” technique.

Jennifer Melnick Carota (a.k.a. the Gift Therapist) is an expert gift giver and bargain shopper featured nationally in major market gift guides, personal finance websites, and lifestyle columns throughout the US and Canada. Check out her new free holiday gift giving survival guide, ‘Giveology’ and learn how to spend less but give more!

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