Important News: Medic 420 is on the Road

Just found this important news item on Colo. unveils specialized ‘Medic 420’ transport unit Update:¬†Friend of the blog, the Social Medic has scooped a similar story,¬†Cannabulance Set To Hit Denver Streets Today. You might also enjoy this article from the archives. Prepare for looming oxygen shortage And this important tip on equipment calibration. Stethoscope […]

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Video: 2 Stethoscope Tips

From the outstanding “Remember Two Things” series by Steve Whitehead on ParamedicTV is powered by

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5 Stethoscope Tips

I can’t think of a single piece of equipment more closely connected with the medical profession than the stethoscope. Can you? The stethoscope is more than 200 years old and its basic design has barely changed in the last 150 years. Read my recent Everyday EMS Tips column at for more on the stethoscope. […]