Duct Tape Maine Medical Author Psychologist Reaching Home Ron Braezeale

Podcast: Interview with Duct Tape is Not Enough Author Dr. Ron Breazeale

Listen to an interview with Dr. Ron Breazeale author of ┬áin this new episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast. Dr. Breazeale is a psychologist from Portland, Maine that has written a novel, , that is being used for the the Duct Tape is Not Enough project. The book, self or group study, and DVDs […]


The Streets Ran Red – a Medical Author Chat with Morgan Lawrence

The Streets Ran Red by Morgan Lawrence is a book that “puts you in the driver’s seat” of the real life of being a paramedic that is based on the authors twenty years as a paramedic, physician’s assistant, and traumatologist. The book is based on Morgan’s “real events and real cases”. Morgan became a paramedic […]