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Book Review: Critical Care Transport

This is a guest book review by critical care paramedic, Michael Fraley, and critical care transport nurse, Colleen Herda. If you want to guest post or review on this blog, check out the guidelines here. Critical Care Transport (2011) American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, American College of Emergency Physicians Series Editor: Andrew N. Pollak, MD, FAAOS […]

Book Reviews

Book by Paramedics: Reader Recommendation reader Gary McLean, knowing my fondness for books by Paramedics and/or about EMS, sent me recommendations for these two books. Gary writes: I would add two books to your stack of important reads… [amazon-product text=”Street Dancer” type=”text”]0936174064[/amazon-product] (1990 – JEMS) by one of Oregon’s best paramedics, Keith Neely. I believe this was the first […]

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Tips for New Paramedics

Being a new paramedic is much different than being a competent paramedic. Starting a new job, regardless of your training level and experience, adds additional stress. Jim Hoffman discusses the stress of being a new paramedic. He emphasizes the importance of systematically assessing every patient and assuring the patient’s ABCs are being managed. If you […]