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Book Review: Unprepared by D.A. Ramsey and Jim Rush

[amazon-product text=”Unprepared” type=”text”]097871105X[/amazon-product], the novel, is a cautionary tale from Jim Rush, an expert in health readiness; and co-author D.A. Ramsey. The novel presents a plausible scenario for a terrorist nuclear attack inside the United States that overwhelms local, regional, and state healthcare systems while also shaking the foundations of government. Disaster Response Training and […]


Unprepared – a Medical Author Chat with Jim Rush

Unprepared is a cautionary fictional tale from Jim Rush, a long-term emergency planner for healthcare organizations. Jim and his co-author, D.A. Ramsey, have written an account of how several simultaneous incidents devastated a few American cities and overwhelm local, regional, and national capacities to provide healthcare, other community services, and governance. Jim drew on his […]