EMS Tips

Video: Hurl-e Featured on Innovation Zone

Friend and EMS Garage host Chris Montera shows off the Hurl-e emesis bag on the debut episode of the Innovation Zone web series. Honestly I can’t think of anyone better to discuss puke than Chris. And remember one of my favorites, “everyone gets on free puke.” Also my own video review of the Hurl-e. […]

News and Events

Press Release: Hurl-e Wins JEMSY Judges' Choice at #EMSToday

Congratulations to our friends at RAMEDIC, maker of the Hurl-e, on winning the Judges’ Choice Best New Product at EMS Today. Press release below. Ramedic has incorporated several clever design elements into their emesis container that most paramedics probably don’t even know are missing from the conventional emesis bags and containers they currently use. Ramedic President Richard Ramage […]

Product Reviews

Recognizing Patient Puke Face and Hurl-E Emesis Container Review

In this video I start with a review of signs that a patient is about to puke – the incredible puke face. Then I discuss the awesome Hurl-E Emesis Container. This is a great product that you will be able to see at EMS Expo 2010. Note in the excitement of the moment I held […]