Selecting a Practice EMS Exam


When selecting a practice EMT or Paramedic examination consider these criteria:

1) Lots of questions

2) Questions in each of the NREMT examination categories

3) Explanations of why the correct answer is right. If there is not an explanation make sure to look up the answer.

If you are taking a computer based test make sure it simulates the NREMT computer adaptive test by only serving one question on the screen at a time. reader, paramedic, and EMS Education Specialist Deb McCoy-Freeman writes, “Students need to practice exams which give them ONE question at a time with NO opportunity to review previous questions. We’ve always been able to use the exam to help us take the test but no more on the computer exam. One question at a time and once its answered, never to be seen again! Once they have that mindset, it helps alleviate that anxiety upon being presented with the one question test.”

What test preparation resources have you used?