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Responding to Feature Requests and Service Improvements


Even though my official family motto is “Can I make a Suggestion.” (note that is with a period and not a question mark) I often struggle with responding to feature requests and service improvement suggestions on the education programs I create.

Over time I have developed a set of general replies that are finessed to the specific suggestion. So student/customer etc. suggests a feature.

1. We actually already have that service, functionality, or design you are seeking. I can explain it now or show you later.

2. We have had that same idea and our working on implementing it. Variation: many other users have made that same suggestion and we are working on implementing it.

3. That is an interesting request. I need more information and will schedule a time to discuss it with you more.

4. What other suggestions do you or others have?

How do you handle feature requests and service improvements?