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Posts Outside the Service Area: Be Just What you Want to Be

BlueStar EMS deflates the “I’m Just a Basic Balloon” in an excellent post from the middle of the month. Continuous learning puts no limit on what we can learn and what we can accomplish.

Fossil Medic shares the Australian Army video condemning harassment, bullying, and violence against other soldiers. This is a powerful video that would be excellent to show during your next company drill or weekly training meeting. We get to chose how we treat one another and what we tolerate in how others treat our teammates. The brilliant line “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept” is worth unpacking with your team.

Bob Sullivan follows-up his June EMS World article on rural patients deserving ALS care. Many communities choose to remain at the basic level and the decision is relatively easy when there remains a pool of people willing to provide BLS level care at no cost to the taxpayers. Alternatively there are many communities that aren’t content with being just basics that strive to attain additional training, broaden their scope of practice, and deliver a service of such great value that a community finds the resources to pay for it.

One of my favorite blogs is the Athlete’s Heart Blog. In a post on Anabolic Steroids and the Heart Dr. Cresswell examines the known and unknown about steroids and heart health. It fitness, as in any self-improvement activity, we get to choose a goal and how we get there. I prefer to get to my goals, within the parameters of my physical capabilities, through hard work and persistence.

Do you want to become a conference presenter? The Kentucky EMS Links conference is looking for speakers. Review the guidelines and submit a presentation proposal.

In how to become a firefighter Steve Whitehead writes, “Let go of the idea that you need to be something different than your current self to become a firefighter.” This applies to just about anything everything you might want to be or accomplish. Steve also has a great about the difficulty of maintaining life-work balance when overtime opportunities are unlimited, as they often are in EMS.

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