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On My Way to Miami: #PinnacleEMS


I am on my way to Miami for the Pinnacle EMS conference. This is my first time attending Pinnacle and I am looking forward to the focus on EMS administration, management, and leadership. Chris Montera, host of the EMS Garage podcast, is hosting a tweet-up Wednesday night at the Hemispheres Lounge at the Loews’s Hotel at 8 p.m. If you are at Pinnacle or in the Miami area please join us and say hello. Chris Cebollero, host of the EMS Leadership podcast, will also be there.

This is my first trip to Miami. When I think of Miami these are some things that immediately come to mind.

1. Crocket and Tubbs

2. Ace Venture Pet Detective

3. Dan Marino

4. Gloria Estefan singing Conga