What the MUCC? Evidence based MCI triage method


The Model Uniform Core Criteria for Mass Casualty Incident Triage, or MUCC, is a standard set of guidelines that all mass casualty triage systems should follow. The MUCC is intended to ensure consistency among responders when triaging patients at a mass casualty incident. The SALT Triage System is the only triage method which currently meets the Model Uniform Core Criteria.

The Model Uniform Core Criteria (MUCC) is a set of criteria for a triage system. MUCC is not a triage system. A triage method, to be MUCC compliant, must satisfy 24 MUCC criteria. Those criteria are grouped into:

  • Global sorting.
  • Lifesaving interventions.
  • Individual assessment.

Read the full article on EMS1 and watch a video of the EMS.gov webinar which explained MUCC.

How to standardize mass casualty triage systems