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3 Outstanding Products at WEMSA Conference

In late January I attended one day of the Wisconsin EMS Association conference. The WEMSA conference is held each year at the Midwest Airlines Center in downtown Milwaukee. With more than 1700 attendees it attracts national speakers and vendors. During the day I attended Bob Page’s 12 lead ECG interpretation class. I am now ready to “Throw Down!” and I know that in “Lead II I have no clue.”

The exhibit hall at WEMSA is massive. Inside were dozens of vehicles and three helicopters! Many of the regular national vendors were there with monitors, cots, and disposable supplies, but I like to seek out products from field professionals that have an idea to make something better or solve a problem.

Turley Backboard Pad

I have been reading and hearing about the Turley Backboard Pad for several years, but I have never met the product creator Amy Turley. Amy is a paramedic from Washington that knew there must be a better way to minimize the pain and risks of pressure soars associated with immobilization on a backboard. What a treat to meet Amy and hear and see her passion for patient care and comfort in person. The Turley Backboard Pad is a “multi-purpose pad that can be decontaminated and used over and over.” The pad can be pre-heated for hypothermic patients and cooled for hypothermia induction in cardiac arrest survivors. Learn about the Turley Backboard Pad.

Rapid Cardiac Arrhythmia Tool Gary shows of Rapid Cardiac Arrhtymia Tool http://ekgconcepts... on Twitpic

At the booth next to Amy was Gary Krause, RN. Gary is an ED nurse, paramedic educator, and the creator of the Rapid Cardiac Arrhythmia Tool. The R-CAT is a four-page laminated card for educators to use to teach EKG interpretation. It features 41 rhythm strips, a heart diagram, and the basic concepts needed for rhythm analysis. Since it is laminated an educator or student can draw on the card to illustrate the electrical conduction system, where blocks occur, and key differences in each rhythm. You could also compare printed strips to the card as you learn rhythm interpretation. Gary’s enthusiasm for teaching EKG interpretation was contagious. Make sure you check out his excellent teaching tool – the Rapid Cardiac Arrhythmia Tool.

Eject – Helmet Removal System

I have seen the Eject Helmet Removal System at several EMS conferences, but usually the line of people to view the demo is longer than I am willing to wait. At WEMSA Doug Dartsch, EMS Training Specialist, gave me the full demo of the Eject Helmet Removal System. As a paramedic I have never had to remove a helmet on a real patient. I am sure the time will come I hope the patient has the Eject system installed in their helmet or it is available to me as a rescuer. A small plastic bladder simply pushes the helmet off the patient’s head as it is inflated. Simple elegance. Learn about the Eject Helmet Removal System.

What products are catching your eye at regional and national EMS conferences? Tell me in the comments section.

By Greg Friese

Greg Friese, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is an author, educator, paramedic, and marathon runner.

Greg was the co-host of the award winning EMSEduCast podcast, the only podcast by and for EMS educators. Greg has written for,, Wilderness Medical Associates, JEMS Magazine, and EMS World Magazine, and the NAEMSE Educator Newsletter.