Kilted Man in a Cornfield


Perhaps the last thing I expected to see while picking sweet corn in the Whitefeather CSA field was a man in a kilt. Even more unexpected was the shirt this man was wearing … Kilted to Kick Cancer.

The kilt wearing man, also a police officer and blogger (and organic sweet corn lover), was showing his support and participation for Team Guns and Coffee in the annual effort to raise awareness for men’s cancer and health issues. Learn more, show your support (for cancer research and prevention, as well as local agriculture) and make a donation to Kilted to Kick Cancer.

Read what the Ambulance Driver Kelly Grayson and the Happy Medic Justin Schorr haveĀ to say about this year’s competition.

KTKC and picking sweet corn
Kilted to Kick CancerĀ and picking sweet corn