If you want to start winning stop losing


To stop losing you can:

1. Get better

2. Change the players on your team (see Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV)

3. Find a different opponent (see Egypt February 2011)

4. Throwout the rules (see Wisconsin February 2011)

5. Play a different game

6. Move to a different venue

7. Change the definition of winning

Most of us find satisfaction in being part of groups, tribes, or teams. Many times those tribes have a goal that includes winning something. The tribe and its leaders select the methods most likely to win. The opposition also has the right and responsibility to select the methods to either win and or prevent the opponent from winning.

Many times tribes of people want to win to maximize their own self interests. Begrudging a group from wanting to maximize its own self-interests is being a sore loser.

It is even more difficulty to be a graceful winner.

How else can you start winning? Is it possible to win and improve your opponents life?