If I were Governor of Wisconsin #ifiwereGovofWi


David Konig has been schooling me in the ways and uses of “Internet Memes” and with some basic understanding I gave it a go with the Twitter Meme #ifiwereGovofWi (If I were Governor of Wisconsin). You could adapt this Twitter Meme for your own state by replace “WI” with your own state (you probably didn’t need that explanation). Some of these I have already posted on Twitter and some are new.

If I were Governor (general):

1. I would wear a red vest every day to rock it old school like former Governor Lee Dreyfus.

2. I would ban the use of road salt to save money, cars, fish, amphibians, and water bugs.

3. I would ask some scientists to figure out a non-toxic alternative to road salt.

4. I would promote the many options for online education from Wisconsin’s find Universities.

5. I would do more listening than talking.

If I were Governor (EMS):

1. I would extend the EMS recertification period from 2 years to 4 or 5 years.

2. I would adequately fund the State EMS office.

3. I would go on an ambulance ride along in Milwaukee, at night.

4. I would hire a full-time EMS Medical Director.

5. I would lead an effort to engage paramedics in preventive healthcare.

6. I would introduce a bill to remove the exemption of public safety vehicle operators from the statewide texting ban.

7. I would ask the City of Madison Fire Department to teach me and my staff CPR. The next year I would ask Private Ambulance Service to refresh us.

8. I would make CPR certification a requirement for  high school graduation.

If you were Governor what would do …