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I Was Nearby: Alaska Tourist Train Derailment

Last month I was riding on White Pass and Yukon train that ascends from Skagway, Alaska to the White Pass summit. The popular tourist train follows the route of the historic Yukon Goldrush. I had previously rode the train in 1989.

Near about mile 15 our train stopped for what we were told was a brief maintenance inspection. We learned later that the train ahead of us on the tracks, bound for Fraser, British Columbia, had derailed at the top of the pass. (read about cause of derailment and photo)

Our train continued to the top of the pass and out of our sight our train connected to the passenger cars that had not derailed. I believe two engines and four passenger cars had derailed. Later I saw a photo of one of the cars that had rolled off the tracks and was partially submerged in a small pond adjacent to the tracks. My understanding is that a number of passengers received minor bumps and bruises. Read more in this AP story.

I seem to have a knack for being “nearby” MCI events.

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By Greg

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