I am going to win the Powerball


Probably not, but that won’t stop me from buying a ticket before tomorrow night’s drawing.

I pondered how EMS, if it were able to win, might spend the $800 million dollar jackpot.

I don’t buy a lottery ticket often, but when I do I wait until the jackpot is over $400 million. If I am lucky enough to win I might as well win big. Once the ticket is in my hands I start daydreaming about how I would spend the massive windfall — pay off the mortgage, pay off mortgages of family, give generously to my favorite charities, take a glorious vacation — and then hunker down to enjoy life living off the miraculous earnings of compounding interest.

But what if it was EMS that won the jackpot instead of an individual? Here are my ideas for how $800 million could be spent to improve the EMS profession, make EMS providers safety, and ensure a bright future for EMS.

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