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Group Fundraising for EMS Education and Emergency Notification

I am not sure what to make of Kickstarter and other group/crowd funding websites. I have browsed many kickstarter projects but I have yet to contribute to the fundraising goal. Have you joined a kickstarter project? Did it get fully funded?

I have recently received notification of two group/crowd funding projects related to EMS. Defensive Tactics for EMS is seeking funding to broaden their marketing/outreach efforts and thus further propagate its Escaping Violent Encounters training program (note: I have never taken this course but everyone that I have talked to that has taken it raves about it).

ICEdot, makers of an emergency identification bracelet, is seeking funding for development of its crash sensor for cyclists. This product is of note for EMS providers because it senses if the rider has experienced a crash and begins a countdown on the rider’s smartphone. If the rider is not able to disable the countdown the app begins to notify the rider’s emergency contacts. I was a little taken aback by the price point for this product.

I have suggested crowd funding to several associations/professional groups that want to develop a training program or convert a training program for online delivery. I also think crowd funding has a potential for EMS art, such as books (see EMS Book Don’t Be Afraid), movies, and web series.

I also imagine a volunteer based EMS service could use crowd funding to purchase new equipment like an AED, training manikin, or even a vehicle.

How do you think EMS and EMS educators can use crowd funding?

By Greg

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