Gone Huntin’: Truths About Deer Camp 2012

Tomorrow morning I will be joining 600,000 other hunters (about 10% of Wisconsin’s population) in the woods for the opening day of the 9 day gun deer season. I hunt at an amazing spot in Waupaca county near the Little Wolf River with a great group of long time friends.

Little Wolf River

A few truths about Deer Camp 2012:

  1. Today (Friday) is the most optimistic day of the year. We will pour over maps, trail cam photos, and regulations while in our minds we size up the 10+ pointers that will casually stroll by our stands early tomorrow morning.
  2. Our group is a great representation of the continuum of political beliefs that make Wisconsin irrepressible. The political banter, bs, and teasing will be rampant.
  3. We work hard to keep Wisconsin hunting traditions alive by having a deer camp at a cabin in the woods with no electricity and no running water. We serve venison ¬†at every meal. Some from last year’s harvest and some fresh from the woods. And of course, after dark, we mix whiskey old fashioneds. I live mine sweet with a fruit basket.
  4. The tradition we all look forward to most is when our kids will be old enough to take hunter safety and join us for the hunt and camaraderie.
  5. We wake up early, if we even sleep at all tonight as we are all wide eyed with excitement and anticipation.
  6. Once in the woods we don’t shoot a lot, but when we do we usually miss.
  7. We will have more food than we can eat and more beer than we can drink, but that won’t stop us from trying.
Harvest from several years ago

If you are in the woods this weekend hunting send me a picture from your stand to @gfriese on Twitter. I will post a couple pics of the view and possibly even of the harvest.

By Greg

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