EMS Today 2017 Session Reports


EMS Today 2017 in Salt Lake CIty was a whirlwind of education sessions, exhibit hall traverses and visiting with friends. It was also an Italian food festival for me … I turned in receipts for Sbarro, Bucca De Boppa and Olive Garden.

I attended conference sessions based on this loose criteria:

  • Meeting an editorial opportunity for EMS1.com
  • Presenter qualifications (Though I generally attend sessions presented by paramedics)
  • Personal interest in the education materials

Here are the session reports I wrote. I attended a few sessions I didn’t write about, like a day of community paramedicine presentations, the Orlando Pulse nightclub response, how EMS is delivered in Ireland and an awesome sounding event called the EMS Gathering.

Please read, share and let me know what would make conference reports more useful.

Also see some of my photos in this round-up and lots of my Tweets in #EMSToday2017.

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