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EMS Expo Live Schedule


This week I am EMS Expo. I present twice on Wednesday (learn more at eps411.com/emsexpo2009). On Thursday and Friday I will be teaming up with Jamie Davis, Chris Montera, and Ted Setla to record audio and video podcasts for the EMSEduCast, MedicCast, EMS Garage and EMS Leadership. This is the schedule of when we will be recording shows live in the EMS Expo exhibit hall for our fans and colleagues to see. If you are the EMS Expo please come up and meet us at the expo and take advantage of the opportunity to join in our discussions by asking us questions during the shows when prompted.

Wednesday 10/28/09 (EMS Expo Hall opens at 12 noon)

12pm – 1pm – Medic Cast

1pm – 2pm – EMS Garage

2pm – 3pm – MedicCast

3pm – 4pm – Man on the Street Interviews

4pm – 5pm – NAEMT Wine and Cheese meetup

Thursday 10/29/09 (EMS Expo Hall opens at 10 AM)

10am – 11am – EMS Leadership Podcast

11am – 12pm – EMS Garage Podcast

12pm – 1pm – EMS Educast with NAEMT Education Committee members

1pm – 3pm – EMS Leadership Podcast (room 303-305)

4pm – 5pm – EMS Educast with Keith Wesley, MD

Friday 10/30/09 (EMS Expo Hall opens at 10 AM)

10am – 12pm – EMS Garage Roundtable and Show Wrap-up

12pm – close – Wrap up equipment, meet and greet, and go home!

Don’t forget to follow the updates at EMSExpoLive.com and also my twitter account (@gfriese).