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After I shared this post about Bill Toon’s retirement reception with Everyday EMS Tips readers Dr. Michael Curtis wrote about EMS ceremony and celebration in central Wisconsin. Dr. Mike’s reply, posted with his permission:

As you know, for the last 19 years, the Portage County EMS Association has had an annual awards banquet, with a variety of awards to recognize EMS providers, citizen rescuers and community members and others who support EMS. This was one of the major developments in the EMS Association. This annual event continues to be popular among the EMS providers in this community, and last year’s event was one of the best attended of all time and likely involved the most awards of all time.

One of the things about these awards I have found really interesting over the years is how recipients will often say, “I was only doing my job!” I can understand how some want to be humble, but I think there is a degree of understatement in such a remark. After all, may people who are ‘only doing their job’ can’t seem to produce the kind of excellent results that award winners do, and maybe even produce untoward outcomes, because they don’t care how well they do it. Perhaps one day you’ll post a follow-up to your message below about what it takes to deserve recognition.

What is your reply to Dr. Mike? What does it take to deserve or warrant recognition?


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