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Day 2 at Wisconsin EMS Association Conference #WEMSA

I spent the majority of my day at the CentreLearn booth in the exhibit hall. It was fun to talk about online education with CentreLearn customers, interested training officers, and skeptics about the effectiveness of online training.

Asking the NAEMT Questions about NREMT

Next to the CentreLearn booth is the National Association of EMTs. I was surprised to overhear so many questions directed to the NAEMT about NREMT re-certification. Apparently this is an ongoing problem and all of the NAEMT staff have the NREMT phone number memorized, as well as a quick access directory of state EMS offices because they receive many inquiries about relicensure and recertification.

Is that a STEMI

I escaped the exhibit hall to attend a few minutes of Rom Duckworth’s presentation on STEMI recognition and treatment. He probably had more than 400 people in the room. I was impressed with his energy, examples, and slide design. Rom puts on a great program. I am looking forward to the four education methodology webinars he is going to present for CentreLearn throughout 2013. Watch or the CentreLearn blog for registration details.


Night Life with the Milwaukee Admirals

After the exhibit hall closed and dinner with friends I made my way to the Milwaukee Admirals game. After 1 period the Admirals were done 4-o to the Chicago Sea Wolves. It was one of the worst periods of hockey I have ever watched. Things got a little better for the Admirals in the 2nd and 3rd period.

The highlight of the game for me and my family was the Wisconsin Varsity Band playing between periods and performing their world famous 4th period (5th quarter during football games) on the ice after the game. The band played all of our favorites and I treasured the chance to sing Varsity (the Wisconsin alma mater) with my kids at my side.

WI Band

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