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Dam Ice!

I have learned a lot about ice dams in the last 24 hours. Nothing like a drip of ice cold water in the living room to force a guy into action. The recent combination of rain, freezing rain, snow, and more snow caused ideal conditions for ice dams to develop while I was blissfully distracted by other activities.

Last night I spent about 2 hours raking layered snow and ice from a large portion of the roof. This morning I spent another 2.5 hours actually on the roof shoveling snow off and breaking up ice dams. It was an exhausting effort. Thankfully we have stopped the inside drip and with a bit of warm and sun this afternoon water was running off the roof. Let’s hope for another warm and sunny day tomorrow.

I am not sure how to estimate but my noodle arms and sore back lead me to believe I moved 10 tons of snow today. Zoiks.

Learn more about ice dams.

Roof Shoveling Injuries

I can imagine many of you that live in northern climates have responded to calls for falls secondary to roof shoveling. I struggled to find good footing because as I shoveled away the abrasive snow I exposed ice covered shingles.

By Greg

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