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Creating Contrast for your Efforts, Ideas, and Causes

I am reading a reviewers copy of the [amazon-product text=”The Impact Equation (amazon affiliate link) ” type=”text”]1591844908[/amazon-product], a new book from Chris Brogan and Julien Smith that will be available on October 25 (you can pre-order a copy now which I highly recommend). The Impact Equation is about building a platform and ensuring that your ideas, efforts, and causes get the distribution and recognition they deserve. Early in the book the authors describe the importance of contrast. A hunter in blaze orange stands out in the brown woods because of color contrast. Next week at EMS World Expo a vendor will attempt contrast from other vendors by having scantily clad models at their booth. This contrast loses its effectiveness if every vendor has models.

I have been thinking about contrast and the EMS professional for an column I am working on. These are some of the EMS contrast examples that came to mind during a run this morning.

Kelly Grayson and Justin Schorr use Kilts to draw attention to their cause.

Chief Skip Kirkwood stands out in Facebook comments about articles because he is directly engaging field personnel.

Dave Konig talks about social media as  a tool for good for EMS rather than a nefarious tool for evil.

Rogue Medic challenges that status quo with discussion of medical research.

An EMS2.0 lapel pin is a simple statement that contrasts from the ubiquitous flag lapel pen and can start a conversation.

Bob Sullivan blogs about EMS from the patient’s perspective.

How do you create contrast for your efforts, ideas, and causes?  

By Greg

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