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Checklists for Every Take-Off and Every Landing: Know your Stuff Part 4

Several readers replied to the Everyday EMS Tips weekly enewsletter, “Do you know your stuff?” with aviation themed responses. Below is a collection of their responses. 

“Any serious EMS provider needs to use what I call a “peripheral brain”….not to do so is nothing but arrogance. Each day in the US there are approximately 35,000 commercial airline flights. EVERY single one uses a checklist for takeoff and landing. So to say you don’t need one for a pediatric arrest is nothing but insanity.”

William A. Mapes, NRP, I/C

Training Coordinator
Interim VT District Ten Training Coordinator
Regional Ambulance Service, Vermont

“I don’t know of any pilot, new or very experienced, who does not depend on a “pre-flight” checklist before flight and “in-flight” checklists during flight. Checklists are one of the reasons flying is so safe. Medicine safety could be improved if this type of system was used more, pre-hospital and in-hospital.”

Tom McCarrier, BS, NREMT

By Greg

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