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Alternate Posting Location: 3 Things I am Doing after Newtown School Shooting

I feel fortunate today, and every day, for many reasons. The most important reason being my wife and children returned home safely from work and school today. I was eager to sweep them up in my arms and continue to be grateful that we are seeing another sunset together.

I also feel fortunate that I have platforms, like this blog and my column at, to share my reactions, experiences, and opinions. I spent much of my afternoon stewing over the news from the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting. I felt a small woosh of stress relief when Jamie Thompson, editor at, called and asked if I would contribute something to their coverage of today’s events.

I quickly typed and sent, Newtown School Shooting: Three Things I will be Doing, to Jamie. Releasing the thoughts about my children’s safety and how I plan to keep them safe onto the internet helped me process the feelings I was experiencing. My writing also reflects my personality to focus on the future, identify actionable prevention steps, and to address problems head on.

Now as I read and reflect on my own words I struggle with a bit of doubt. Could I have better used that space to share words of encouragement, words of sorrow, or words of praise to the parents and teachers, as well as the first responders that rushed to the scene and from what it sounds had very few treatable patients?

Finally, Chief Kirkwood asked an important question on Facebook this afternoon. Make sure you know how your department will operate during an active shooter incident.

Thank you for what you do for your communities. Your dedication and preparedness for the unthinkable is part of what makes you remarkable.

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Post updated December 15 to correct my misspelling of Newtown. 

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