Alternate Positing Locations: Med Author Chat, CentreLearn Blog, and More


Medical Author Chat

A new episode finally dropped on the Medical Author Chat. I talked to Clif Castelman about his book, the Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness First Aid.

Early in the month I also issued a 12 n’ 12 Reading Challenge. Can you read 12 books, one per month, in 2012?

Western Pennsylvania Hospital News

The Western PA Hospital News is a newspaper. As in an actually printed on paper reading device. In Issue No. 11 I contributed an article titled “Using Social Media as a Recruiting and Listening Tool.” The article can also be found online at, page 28.

CentreLearn Blog

I am looking forward to presenting two sessions at EMS Today on Thursday, March 1. Find out more about the sessions and my EMS Today plans.

We also announced a new course on Understanding Excited Delirium in January.