5 Tips for Final Exam Prep

Last weekend I ran my first half marathon. As race day approached, it felt similar to preparing for a final exam. During the months prior, I trained in various conditions and venues. I researched nutrition, apparel, footwear, and other logistical details. My final training runs took place on the course, and I drove the complete route. I knew where water stations would be located, and I knew where to line up at the start. The night before I pinned my bib to my shirt, organized my gear, and was ready for an early morning. Had I trained enough? Would I be able to keep up with the other runners? Was I prepared for this final exam?

Preparing for a final exam, whether running a race or taking a written test, is best done by following a systematic approach. Read 5 Everyday EMS Tips contributed by Martha Bonnie for final exam preparation.

1. Plan ahead. At least a week before your exam, begin to plan how, when and what you will study for your exam.

2. Ask questions. Ask your instructors and peers questions you have as you review your material. Use your available resources, such as textbooks and the Internet, to look for information.

3. Take care of yourself. Try to obtain at least 8 hours of sleep. Eat a well balanced diet with regular meals. Exercise your body and your brain regularly. Avoid excessive caffeine consumption or the use of supplements or stimulants that are intended to keep you alert and awake.

4. Believe that you will do well. You have studied, practiced and know the material. You are ready for your exam and will pass.

5. Stay calm when taking the exam. Begin by scanning through the entire exam. Answer the questions you know first. Anticipate challenges. Take your time.

Elated, I crossed the finish line to the half marathon knowing I had followed this systematic approach. Use the same steps to successfully prepare for your own final exams.

Martha Bonnie is a 911 telecommunicator, author, and teacher in northeast Wisconsin.

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