3 Lists of 3: Early 2017 in Books, Travel and EMS Events


While running this afternoon, 5.6 miles into a stinging combination of ice pellets and snow I remembered that I used to construct a lot of blog posts using the 3 Lists of 3 format … this is what came to mind:

1. Books

I have three books in progress at the start of 2017.

  1. I am reading “Shift” the second book in the Silo series
  2. I also just started “Slaughterhouse Five” for a book club
  3. Finally, I am re-reading “Course Set for Manito-wish” the history of Camp Manito-wish YMCA

2. 2017 Trips

In 2017 we already have trips planned for:

  1. Arizona during Spring Break
  2. Summer Fest, a Milwaukee musica festival, to see a Tom Petty concert
  3. Yellowstone camping and hiking in late summer

3. EMS Travel

Early in 2017 I have three EMS-related trips planned to the:

  1. Wisconsin EMS Association working together conference in Milwaukee
  2. EMS Today in Salt Lake City
  3. EMS on the Hill in Washington D.C.

What are your lists for early 2017?