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3 Hero Items for the EMS Week 2011 Merchandise Catalog


EMS Week merchandise is available. It is a predictable collection of shirts, hoodies, caps, pens, cups, and water bottles. My preference was always for a gift I might actually use/wear on duty. So an insulated mug, water bottle, or good click pen would satisfy my wants.

Hero Gear

The theme of EMS Week 2011 is Everyday EMS Heroes. As I reviewed the EMS Week merchandise catalog these items were missing.

1. Cape. Most heroes need a cape. The ideal paramedic cape might be a cape slash bib. A little mini cape that could be rotated to cover your chest while you eat a meal sitting in the ambulance while posting.

2. Communicator watch. I have had several patients assume that as I looked at my watch while counting their pulse rate my watch was sending me the same commands they were receiving. A watch with simple voice activated recording to store and playback vital signs could be helpful.

3. In Service beacon. Responding “we are en route” or punching in-service on a MDT is so mundane. I would like to be able to direct a high beam spotlight on a cloud in the direction of the dispatch center.

What other gear do everyday EMS heroes need?