EMS Management Tips


During October EMSResponder.com ran a series of EMS management tips.

My favorite tip is from Skip Kirkwood, Chief of Wake County EMS

“Don’t buy in to a “second-class citizen” state of mind. Believe, act like, and expect your personnel and organization will be treated with the same respect as their law enforcement, fire suppression and health services counterparts.”

These are tips I contributed to the list.


1. Close the loop on quality assurance processes by sharing collected data with field personnel. Regular (quarterly or monthly) data sharing about driving safety, procedural competence and customer service benchmarks will reinforce the underlying reasons for data collection and keep the organization and its members moving toward achievable goals.

2. Instead of management by “no news is good news,” share good news with field personnel about what is being done well in your organization. Be specific and personal.

See the complete list at EMSResponder.com EMS Education Tips.

I am compiling tip for a ebook. What are your top EMS Management tips?