3 EMS Education Uses for Google+

by on July 20, 2011

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Three EMS Education Uses for Google+. Updated July 24, 2012.

1. Virtual Office hours using the group video chat feature, Hangouts

2. Patient assessment case studies by starting a post and answering questions (or use the Huddle group chat) about the patient using the comments

3. Remotely viewing patient assessment simulations using the Hangout group video chat

Bonus: Upload photos and videos and share with a specific circle.

How to start:

1. Create a Google Profile

2. Join Google+. For now you need an invite. Contact me as I have some invites to share.

3. Create a circle for the class and add students to the circle

4. Start hangouts (group video chats) at scheduled times for the class circle

5. Upload photos and videos and share with the class circle

Resource: Google Hangouts – 6 practical uses for online education.

What are other EMS Education uses for Google+?



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