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Video: Remember 2 Things for Special Events and 1 More Thing

From Steve Whitehead’s ongoing series at ParamedicTV is powered by EMS1.comAfter the band-aid the 2nd most popular request at many special events and mass gatherings is an ice pack. At your first aid area, right next to the display on hands-only CPR, fill small sandwich size bags with ice for bumps and bruises. What […]

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Getting Media to Attend Your EMS Event

This is a guest post by Ashley Wirthlin. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. Public Relations Writing Tips PR success depends largely on the coverage media can provide you and your company. One aspect of being successful in your efforts to get that coverage depends upon your […]

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Video: EMS Standby at Special Events

Have you ever had to post as EMS standby for a special event like a running race, triathlon, county fair, political rally, or other mass gathering? This is an event that could have clearly benefited from EMS standby – although it would not have been needed (at least for the filmed attempt. See more funny […]