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E Book: 4 Most Important People for Your Professional Network – Free Download for #EMSWeek

Networking is an essential skill for any EMS Professional that wants to advance their career with a promotion, new job, returning to school or other training opportunity. Even with the proliferation of “Social Networking” face-to-face networking is still essential – if not more important than ever. I wrote this ebook several years ago, but realized […]

News and Events

Chronicles of EMS Premiere Party – #CoEMS

Something really amazing is about to happen – in just a few hours the pilot episode of the Chronicles of EMS will be broadcast to a live audience at the Hotel Frank in San Francisco and for an online audience around the world. I really want you to watch the Chronicles. Watch the premiere party […]

EMS Education Tips

Equipment for Building Your Own Recording Studio

Ted Setla is a filmmaker (Setla Films) and paramedic. He is passionate about EMS professionals use video to inform and entertain. I first connected with Ted after watching his film Level Zero-the documentary film about Alameda County EMS. I am now supporting his efforts to create the Chronicles of EMS series about paramedic and paramedic […]

EMS Tips

Level Zero Movie: EMS in Alamdea County

Level Zero is a documentary movie about EMS in Alamdea County, California from film director and paramedic Thaddeus Setla. In the movie the EMTs, Paramedics, and firefighters essentially answer the question why are you a paramedic and what do you do. Along the way you learn that through their words and actions these people want […]