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A fun image for Friday afternoon made with Click the image for a larger view. As you can see much of the focus of is on safety and prevention. Have a fun and safe weekend.

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Vote! Best Flu Prevention PSA

Visit the US Health and Human Services YouTube channel to vote for the best flu prevention public service announcement. Finalists are competing for a $2500 prize. This is my favorite video. I think I was my hands more than the average person to begin with, but I needed to wash my hands – twice – […]

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ICE (In Case of Emergency) Is “NOT” just for the patients!

Guest contributor Tim Green explains in this post the importance of documenting medical history of you and your family well before an emergency happens. Tim Green is a former EMS Service Director with over 30 years experience as a firefighter/paramedic. Tim is now CEO of EMS Options, LLC, dedicated to helping people prepare for emergency events. […]

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8 Fall Prevention Tips

Is there a more famous 911 call than “I have fallen and I can not get up.” (watch famous infomercial below) Falls are a common cause for emergency calls. They also present one of the best opportunities for EMS Professionals to teach prevention tactics to patients, family, and caregivers. Eight fall prevention tips that you […]

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Happy Birthday Smokey the Bear

Smokey the Bear (aka Smokey Bear) is 65 today. Congratulations Smokey! I certainly appreciate the impact of the most successful marketing campaign ever on preventing wildlife fire. Nonetheless I have mixed feelings about the impact of 65+ years of wildfire suppression on ecological systems, blurring of the urban/wildland interface, and the costs associated with massive […]

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3 Eye Safety Tips For EMS Providers

Nearly 2000 eye injuries occur everyday in the United States. EMS providers are at risk of eye injury from blood and other body fluids, fine and large particulates, splashes from liquid medications and other chemicals, and other forms of trauma. According to NIOSH even minor eye injuries can lead to lifelong vision problems. To prevent […]

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How to Increase Stroke Awareness

May is National Stroke Awareness month, making it a good time for EMS providers to remember the active role they should be playing in stroke awareness and prevention. Read more on improving stroke awareness and prevention in a recent Everyday EMS Tips column at

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Tips to Make Handwashing Easy and Accessible

As an EMS provider you should already know and understand the role of handwashing in overall health and wellness. Increase the frequency of handwashing by using these Everyday EMS Tips to make handwashing supplies more available.

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Emergency Responder Family Disaster Preparedness Tips

Disaster preparedness planning is contingent on individual responders actually leaving their homes, businesses and families. If my family is safe with shelter, water and food, I will be able to serve the needs of my neighbors. Read the full Every EMS Tip at on Family Disaster Preparedness to learn strategies to help prepare your […]

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May is National Stroke Awareness Month

May is National Stroke Awareness Month. As a paramedic, stroke is the illness that worries me the most when I think about the health of my aging parents and in-laws. EMS providers can play an active role in stroke awareness and prevention by following these Everyday EMS Tips. 1) Teach all patients and community members […]