Alternate Posting Location: Plan for a furlough

A furlough is a mandatory, temporary layoff that is unpaid. In some industries, furloughs might be for consecutive days, weeks or even months. With furloughs coming to public safety, now is the time to adopt a furlough mindset to prepare for “when I am furloughed” rather than “if I am furloughed.”   Read my ideas to help you […]

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National Emergency is a Call to Service

Early this week I wrote, “A letter to the American public: The COVID-19 pandemic national emergency is a call to serve” for EMS1. I usually write to the public safety audience so this was a rare departure to address the public. In addition to the suggestions in that article here are other ways to serve […]

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Tips for Your First EMS Paycheck

What do you do when you get your first real paycheck for EMT or Paramedic work? Not just the ten hours a week or so you got in high school but your first real job where you suddenly have the urge to buy a new car or buy a new tech toy. Follow these Everyday […]