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Book Review: Mass Casualties – a young medic's true story of death deception, and dishonor in Iraq

Paramedics have played a lot of roles in the Iraq war. I primarily thought that paramedics worked “outside the fence” either as part of patrol teams or evacuated wounded personnel from the field to field and combat hospitals. I was expecting another story of heroic rescues, rapid response to MCIs from IEDs, and door busting […]

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Tips for Mass Casualty Incident Training

Mass casualty incidents are infrequent for most EMS professionals. We have few opportunities to practice and improve our MCI response skills. Lectures can help us become familiar with concepts, but regular hands on practice through table top exercises, drills, and full-scale simulations is needed to achieve competency. Here are some Everyday EMS Tips for MCI […]

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MCI Response in Israel Workshop: Article and Podcasts

EMS has given me some amazing opportunities. One of the most incredible was visiting Israel in early 2007 to attend a week-long training seminar on terrorism and mass casualty response. While I was in Israel I recorded a podcast each day that was posted at I also wrote an article for EMS Magazine. I […]