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Screencast: EMSEduCast Episode 33 Preview

On episode 33 of the EMSEduCast – the podcast by and for EMS educators Kelly Grayson, author and paramedic, discussed teaching airway management with Buck, Rob, and me. It was a fun and informative conversation with active engagement from the live show chat room. Join the conversation each week at

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Kelly Grayson discusses Airway Management – EMSEduCast Episode 33

Kelly Grayson talked about airway management and the airway management continuum concept on last night’s episode of the EMSEduCast – the podcast by and for EMS Educators. If you were not able to listen live the episode will soon post at You can also download all previous episodes there or subscribe in the iTunes […]

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10 Tips for Blood Pressure Assessment

Read ten quick tips for blood pressure assessment in the Everyday EMS Tips column at Blood pressure is a measure of perfusion pressure during the contraction and refilling phases of the heart beat. Like any vital sign it is most useful when it is trending over time. Updated 11/16/2011Read Kelly Grayson’s blood pressure assessment […]