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Video: EMS Career Development Question and Answer

Video is a behind the scenes look at the question and answer portion from the 2 hour EMS Career Development Boot Camp session held in Sept 2009. Paramedics and EMS educators Greg Friese and Jamie Davis answered questions from a live audience. If you want to access the full session, all of Greg and Jamie’s […]

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Ebook: The 4 Most Important People for your Professional Network

Networking is more important than ever for achieving promotions, job interviews, and specialized training. Despite the proliferation of online social networking a personal network is essential. In a new ebook from Greg Friese introduces readers to the four most important people for their professional network, how to interact with and benefit from those connections, […]

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Audio: EMS Education Study Skills

A new semester has started for many first time EMT students and EMTs returning to school to be Paramedics. If you are looking for tips and strategies to succeed don’t miss episode 184 of the MedicCast. Rob Theriault and I joined Jamie Davis and a live audience of MedicCast listeners to discuss our top tips […]

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Audio: EMS Boot Camp Preview

Jamie Davis, the podmedic, interviews Jim Hoffman about the first EMS Boot Camp session, scheduled for Wednesday July 15. EMS Boot Camp is a collaboration between Greg Friese of and, and Jim Hoffman, the EMS Professional. During this interview Jim describes the contents of the first EMS Boot Camp webinar which will focus […]