Happy Halloween and make it a safe day for kids

As a parent my number one priority is keeping my kids safe. Halloween has gotten a bit of a bad rap for being dangerous for children. Nick Nudell helped me filter the NEMSIS data (and by help I mean he did all the hard actual work and I just wrote about it) to find out […]

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Office Hours Podcast: No Ambulance, ePCR, and EMS Boot Camp CE Episode 9

Instead of talking about EMS and emergency medicine during episode 9 I was doing emergency medicine. My son smashed his chin into the pool deck during swimming lessons and I was at the urgent care with him as he got stitches while Jim flew solo for episode 9 of the EMS office hours podcast. I […]

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Magical Pediatric Patient Assessment (#31daysofCE)

Dr. Mike Pitt was a magician before he was a pediatrician, but he still uses some of the magic tricks he learned as a child with the children he assesses and treats. “Magic Mike” was a the guest on the EMSEduCast – the podcast by and for EMS educators – last week. During the show […]