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Where can I practice reading 12 Leads?

A reader asked, “Where can I practice reading 12 lead EKGs?” These are some resources I have used to learn more about and practice 12 lead EKG interpretation: Also check out the 12 lead books in the Everyday EMS Tips bookstore.  1. EKG Club 2. EMS 12 Lead Blog 3. ECG Course Weekly Practice 12 […]

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EMS Week 2011 – Start Planning Now

Every year EMS Week seems to sneak up on service directors who hastily ask/assign volunteers to lead the EMS Week effort. The committee is asked to plan and execute an event on exceedingly short notice and with little to no budget. Then the efforts of the committee are either ignored or chastised for the low […]

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Kiowa County EMS Leads Community Effort to Support Breast Cancer Research Foundation

This is a guest post by paramedic and service director Chad Pore. If you want to guest post or review on this blog, check out the guidelines here. October is breast cancer awareness month. We believe that EMS is an integral part of our community and feel it is important that we work to show […]