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Product Review: Rapid Cardiac Arrhythmia Tool

Would you like your EMS product, service, book, or event reviewed for EverydayEMSTips readers? View our product review guidelines. When I first learned to read ECGs (aka EKGs) I tried to collect a set of strips from a monitor connected to a rhythm generator. I quickly had an envelope stuffed with strips that had been folded, […]

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My 2010 Training Paramedic Requirements

My paramedic employer is implementing some new training/certification requirements in 2010. I am both excited for the opportunity to receive the training and apprehensive about scheduling in the training time with part-time work shifts and my full-time responsibilities. This what is ahead for me in early 2010. January: ACLS/CPR renewal PALS provider (12 hours) February: […]

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Video: Are you as good as you think?

In my experience just about everyone thinks they are an expert at driving and dog training. I am adding CPR to the list that many of us consider to be experts despite all available evidence to the contrary. Watch me (Greg Friese) discuss in this Everyday EMS Tips video: ParamedicTV is powered by Articles […]