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Tips to Prevent Deer-Vehicle Collisions

I was actually thinking about hitting a deer when I saw a flash of brown out the corner of my left eye. I never “really” saw the deer, just the flash. But I knew it was a deer because it left behind a thick swatch of hair in the new crease in the driver’s side […]

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Drowning Prevention Tips

Like most forms of accidental death drowning is easily preventable with the right combination of skills, experience, and awareness. This week I wrote about drowning prevention for the Everyday EMS Tips column at Also since you are interested in tips make sure you read any tips or advice columns written by Thom Dick. He […]

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Rail Crossings: Zero Accidents, Zero Injuries, and Zero Fatalities

April 27 to May 23, 2009 is Rail Safety Week. In the US 1399 injuries and 744 fatalities were reported in railroad grade crossing and trespassing incidents. CN railroad has a goal of zero accidents, injuries, and fatalities. With more than 228,000 rail grade crossings in the United States it is inevitable that your ambulance […]