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Sweetness of a 5 Year Old

April 15 2013 Text Messages

“I am safe” 1503 ET text message to my wife

“How was it?” 1510 ET reply from my wife

“Turn on news” 1515 ET reply to my wife

After receiving my message to turn on the news my wife told our children, “Daddy is safe, but we need to go home and turn the TV on to find out what happened.”

They were out running errands. On the drive home the kids began to speculate about what might have happened at the Boston Marathon.

Sweet Speculation of a 5 year old

My youngest, age 5, offered up her best idea for something bad enough to cancel a trip for ice cream and an urging from Daddy to check the news.

She said, “Maybe there was a big puddle.”

I laughed and wept when my wife shared that story with me.

If only the bad people in the world were limited to the worst things a 5 year old can imagine.

By Greg

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