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Summer Reading and Reflections


Reading and running are my top two hobbies. I find both of them relaxing and refreshing. I also get a recharge or energy boost and many ideas come to me while doing both.

Today I had a fantastic run in Wausau, Wisconsin – an out and back from the soccer fields to and through downtown. The best part was the warm, but hard rainfall for five of the nearly seven miles I ran. Both my runs earlier this week  (Tuesday and Thursday) were on the treadmill at the YMCA so I was glad to have the fresh, wet air in my face.

Summer Reading

For leisure reading I mostly mix fiction, historical non-fiction and business/leadership titles. My minutes for reading tend more towards fiction as I spend most of my day reading, editing and writing non-fiction for EMS1.

Books read this summer (I might be missing a few titles. All links are Amazon affiliate links. I do most of my reading with the Kindle app on my iPhone or with my original Kindle Fire.)

I would probably have read more in the last three months but I have been pre-occupied with Clinton vs. Trump and likely reading way too much political analysis.

Do you have any book recommendations for me heading into the fall?