Simple Tips for Preventing the Flu in Your Dispatch Center


You work hard to keep the residents of your community safe by providing emergency police, fire and rescue services. Be equally as diligent to minimize contagions in your Dispatch Center. Simple cleaning can prevent the spread of germs from one dispatcher to the next.

Use these Everyday EMS Tips for Preventing the spread of influenza in your dispatch center:

1. Wipe down your workstation. Use disinfecting wipes or spray on your entire work station including your: keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, phone and phone pad. Clean your station at the beginning and end of each shift.

2. Use your own pen. Imagine using your coworker’s pen that they have put in their mouth or used after touching their nose. Ick. Store your pens in your locker or somewhere that they are not used by others.

3. Clean your coffee mug and water bottle with soap and hot water every day.

4. Wash your hands often. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at your work station.

5. Stay home when you are ill.

Do your part to prevent the spread of the flu in your workplace. For more information on flu prevention visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.