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Review: Ski’s Cheddar Brat

Note: Yesterday I joined the Ski’s Meat Market 2013 Sausage Tour. During the summer tour I will receive ticket punches for purchasing 6 or more specialty brats and burgers from our local meat market. My idea to blog about the tour came after I had cooked and eaten the first tour date. If I make all of the tour stops I will receive a neon lime green Ski’s Meat Market Sausage tour t-shirt. Wish me luck. 

Stop 1: Cheddar Brat

The standard Ski’s pork brat is infused with cheddar crumbles in the sausage making process. Last night I was cooking for my kids and my niece and nephew so a cheddar brat seemed like a better fit than something more exotic like sun dried tomato basil or jalapeno.

Preparation of the Cheddar Brat

I wish I could dazzle you with photos … next time. 

Step 1: Brown the cheddar brat in a non-stick pan over medium heat. My theory is to “sear” in the flavor and juices.

Step 2: Add seared cheddar brats to boiling water for 15 or more minutes until brats are cooked through. Reduce heat to simmer to keep brats warm until serving. I had also added some onion slices to the water. My Point beer supply was low and given the add of the diners I decided against adding a half a bottle of beer to the pot.

Our gas grill is still frozen into the snow and ice next to our garage so it will have to wait until a future stop on the Sausage tour.

Cheddar Brat Plate

I served the cheddar brat on a white bun from Ski’s. I don’t think they make the buns and I am not sure of the origin. The cheddar brat was accompanied by baked beans (from a can), natural apple sauce (no sugar added) and a romaine and vegetables salad. All were happy with their cheddar brat.

Cheddar Brat Review

This is a good brat and an adequate first stop on the Sausage Tour. The flavor is mild and the cheese crumbles are small yet noticeable. I would prefer a sharper/stronger cheddar flavor and bigger cheddar crumbles so the cheese taste would be more apparent with each bite. Keep in mind that this is not a cheese product infused sausage, like a cheap cheese hot dog.

Next Stop: Bacon Brat

Our next planned stop on the Sausage Tour is the Bacon Brat. Adding more pork to a pork brat is an outstanding idea. Remind me to add a bacon crumble topping.


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