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Punish the Driver or Change the Culture


Last week EMS1 reported news of an ambulance being driven at 17 miles per hour above the speed limit. The borderline ridiculous incident had all the makings of a ‘gotcha’ story by the local television station. Leading me to ponder about the driver:

  • Good person, bad day, bad behavior?
  • Bad person, bad behavior?
  • Good person, bad culture, bad behavior?
  • Good person, good culture, bad behavior?

And at what speed does this become a news story … 11 mph above the limit, 12, 13, 14, 15? Or is 17 magical.

A sharp reader reminded me this same system had a medic suspended for allegedly driving well above the speed limit in June 2015.

Bad culture, bad behavior? It is hard to know without asking lots of questions, including …

What is the appropriate discipline for driving 17 mph above the speed limit?